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Posted On March 4, 2021

Junior Teams Transition to Clubs

Junior Domestic Club Transition Process

As previously mentioned in the Summer 2021 registration information pack, SouthernPeninsula Basketball Association’s (SPBA) junior domestic competition will, begin the process of aligning all competition teams to play for a domestic club. All SPBA junior domestic teams will now be required to be affiliated to a club to be able to register for the Winter 2021 domestic season and beyond.

This decision was made, together with key domestic club contacts, to streamline registrations, communications and be able to work with clubs to create a better basketball experience for our members. By being a club member, players, coaches and officials will be provided with various training opportunities, skills days and resources which SPBA currently offer to our 6 domestic clubs. SPBA staff are actively meeting with our domestic clubs throughout seasons to work together in growing our domestic competition and providing greater opportunity in coach and player development as well as providing opportunities of engagement within all of our association’s programs and events.

For registrations into the Winter 2021 junior domestic competition, it will be compulsory for all junior domestic teams to be registered under a club to compete in our competitions.

  • This process only applies to junior domestic teams.
  • U21 and senior competitions can register as independent teams.
  • This does not apply to any current under 18 team not already registered to a club.
  • However we do encourage club affiliation if possible.
  • All teams registering into under 18s for the first time for the Winter 2021 season, are required to be registered with a club.
  • Any new team in any age group will need to register to a club
  • Players are allowed to play for more than 1 club, pending club and association approval.
  • Independent teams are free to choose any club of their liking.


All team entries and registrations for any junior club team will need to be processed via your designated club contacts. Any concerns or questions about registrations can now be directed to your club contact.

Those independent teams already competing in the under 18 Summer competition will register their teams in PlayHQ in the same way they did this season.

All senior registrations are completed through PlayHQ as they were this current season.


All clubs have agreed to have a 12 months period to transition into club uniforms. Meaning, by the start of the Winter 2022 Season, teams will be expected to wear their relevant club uniform.

SPBA and all of our current domestic clubs do not expect those who are not currently not in a club to purchase their club uniforms straight away. However, if your team is in the position to be able to do so, this is highly encouraged as it will become compulsory in the coming seasons. If your team is due to replace its uniforms due to growth, wear and tear etc, you should be purchasing the uniform of the club you are playing for in the coming season.

The start of the Winter 2022 domestic season the expectation is that all teams will be wearing club uniforms.

Moving forward, key club contacts and SPBA management are committed to enhancing our domestic competition for all members both on and off the court. Please see below for the contacts for our 6 domestic clubs so you can begin preparing your teams and registrations.

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact our competitions manager,

Jenna McCormick.
03 59810347 extension 3

Kind Regards,
SPBA Staff and Management