Inclusion at Southern Peninsula Basketball Association

The term inclusion refers to what we do to ensure our diverse community is reflected in basketball our participants and operations at Southern Peninsula Basketball Association. Being inclusive means being proactive in the way we plan, lead and control the delivery of basketball opportunities for everyone at our Association.

Inclusion at SPBA means everyone in our diverse community, regardless of their gender, age, race, culture, religion, sexual orientation or ability, is afforded a range of opportunities to participate.

A person is not defined by a single characteristic such as their age, religious affiliation or sexual orientation. Yet some communities are under-represented in sport participation. The Victorian Government’s Active Victoria framework includes a strategic direction for more inclusive participation for all. To achieve this, SPBA will provide choice and opportunities to support greater participation of:

  • People with disability
  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI) communities
  • Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people
  • People from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds
  • People of all gender identities
  • Older adults

In addition, people who are experiencing social or economic disadvantage are less likely to participate in organised sport or be physically active.

In understanding the need for inclusion at SPBA it is important to remember that individuals may identify with some, or all, of these characteristics.

These characteristics may mean that sometimes people face certain barriers to participation, such as language, accessibility, attitudes or even discrimination. If someone experiences multiple barriers it may be harder for them to participate in sport. Inclusion is about taking proactive steps to remove these barriers; and barriers are the result of the way sport products and services are often designed and delivered – not the characteristics of the individual. Every person has the ability – and the right – to participate in sport and we at SPBA will implement this.

A successful approach to inclusion will give the community a voice and empower them to contribute to solutions, program design or other important decisions affecting them. Doing this helps to create welcoming and inclusive environments and can lead to greater involvement by diverse communities as participants, volunteers, administrators and officials.

For more information and to get involved in our programs, contact our Community Engagement Officer, Jade Odom at