Junior Sharks Information

The Southern Peninsula Basketball Association (SPBA) was formed in 1967. Not long after, the SPBA entered several junior representative teams in Basketball Victoria’s (BV) junior competition in metropolitan Melbourne, known as the Victorian Junior Basketball League (VJBL).

The SPBA also has senior representative teams that compete in the Big V League, third only to the NBL (National Basketball League), in senior basketball.

Over the past few seasons there has been considerable growth in basketball across the Peninsula. The number and quality of our teams continues to grow in both our Girls and Boys program, along with the number of State & National representative players and coaches.

This information guide will help explain representative basketball to new and existing families.

Our culture is intrinsically linked to our Association’s Core Values – Respect, Inclusiveness, Trust, Enjoyment & Excellence

Holistic development of players and coaches within our program

Experience based learning and growth as a key element in everthing we do

Long term development overrides short term success

Knowledge and experiences will be openly shared throughout the program

We will develop and progress as a program, moving forward together.

Head of Basketball
Matt Brasser
0499 887 899

Pathways Administrator
Jade Odom
03 5981 0347

Useful Resources

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Message from our Head of Basketball

Dear SPBA Families,

Welcome to the 2023-24 VJBL Season. Southern Peninsula is excited to kick off what is shaping up to be one of the most exciting VJBL seasons we have experienced for a number of years. We are excited to continue to implement the Sharks style of play in season 2024 and we will have a mindset focused on developing our players, our coaches, and our organisation as a whole.

The growth that we have experienced over the past two years has helped push our association in a new direction, specifically, ensuring that we deliver a program that is inclusive and fair for all our participants. 

We are wishing the best to every single one of the athletes participating in the upcoming VJBL competition this year. Please take some time throughout this season to get to know and support other SPBA teams, players, and coaches to help us create a family culture within our club.  

Thanks everyone and we can’t wait to see you on the court for this upcoming season.  


Registration Fees

The registration fees cover all of the up front cost which are involved in putting our teams and players on the court, including:

  • VJBL team entry – Grading
  • VJBL team entry – Season
  • Weekly training
  • Court hire for training at external courts
  • Contribution to capital and maintenence for training at Association run venues
  • Wages associated with program
  • Equipment including team bag supplies
  • Awards night
  • Coaching fees
  • Subsidised cost of Rep Camps
  • Team entry into Southern Peninsula Tournament
  • Team entry into VJBL National Classic (for VC teams that qualify)
Registration options for 2023 are below:

Option 1

Pay up front
$ 600 Registration
  • Due by 29th of September 2023

Option 2

Pay in two instalments
$ 610 Registration
  • $305 due by 29th of Sept 2023
  • $305 due by 31st Oct 2023

Option 3

Pay in three instalments
$ 620 Registration
  • $200 due by 29th of Sept 2023
  • $200 due by 31st Oct 2023
  • $220 due by 30th Nov 2023
U14, U16, U18 & U20 will also undertake a Combine Athletic Testing Session which will cost an additional $40 (valued at $100).

Per Game Costs

Team game fees

The team game fees are set by Basketball Victoria and are $125 per team per game to cover referees and venue costs. This works out to $12.50 per player if your team has 10 players.

This includes all game day costs.

Refund Policy

All refund requests must be made in writing to the SPBA Pathways Administrator at jade.odom@sthpen.com.au

Refunded amount will be determined as per below:

  • 29th September onwards – $500
  • 31st October onwards – $400
  • 30th November onwards – $300
  • 31st December onwards – $200
  • 31st January onwards – $100
  • 29th February onwards – No refund

Uniform purchases are not included under this schedule.

The refund of fees dates are strict as registration fees go predominately towards expenses incurred early in the season and are still incurred by SPBA even if they withdraw.


All Sharks players must have a minimum of:

  • Playing uniform
  • Training singlet
  • Training shorts
  • Hoodie or performance t-shirt

At games, players must have their outer most layer of clothing being a Southern Peninsula t-shirt or hoodie. At trainings, players must wear a Southern Peninsula reversible training singlet.

All uniforms must have the new Southern Peninsula logo and branding. This includes playing uniform, training uniform and off court apparel.

Mouth Guards are also recommended, please visit our friends at Mouth Guards Victoria for more information: www.mouthguardsvictoria.com.au.

Note: it is planned that for the 2024-2025 season there may be a new Junior Sharks playing uniform. For uniforms purchased in the 23/24 year, there will be an option to trade yours in for a discount to minimise the cost involved.

Pack 1

The essentials
$ 199
  • Playing Singlet
  • Playing Shorts
  • Training Singlet
  • Training Shorts

Pack 2

A little bit more
$ 269
  • All of Pack 1
  • Socks
  • Drink Bottle
  • Short Sleeve Tee

Pack 3

The lot!
$ 399
  • All of Pack 1 & 2
  • Tracksuit Pants
  • Backpack
Best Value

A range of apparel can be purchased through the Pro Shop at Dromana or via our online shop at sthpen.com.au.

There is a sizing chart available online and limited sizes available to try on in the Pro Shop at Dromana Stadium. All orders are to be placed online by the due date as notified by the SPBA Office.

Selection process

To view our selection process for the 2023-24 VJBL season please click the link below.


The VJBL calendar is scheduled from mid-November through to early September each season. The competition breaks over school holiday periods and generally teams will not train during the school holidays. There are numerous tournaments and clinics for player development throughout the year, along with specific programs tailored for athletes which the club oversees in conjunction with Basketball Victoria and Basketball Australia. 


1 x 60 minute VJBL game (weekly games on a home and away schedule)
All players should arrive at training at least 30 minutes prior to games so they can warm up and get ready for the game with their coach and team.


Under 14s and above – 1 x 75 minute team training sessions per week
Teams will complete a mandatory 75-minute session throughout the week. These sessions will be scheduled in age group blocks and will be ran in conjunction with SPBA’s style of play. The days and times of these sessions will be allocated by SPBA.

Under 14s and above – 1 x 90 minute team training sessions per week
Teams will individually book their second weekly training session with SPBA. There are a variety of venues, times and days open for sessions, and it will be up to the Coach and Team Manager to book the time and day that is most suitable for their team.

Under 12s – 2 x 60 minute team training sessions per week
Teams will complete two mandatory 60-minute session throughout the week. These sessions will be scheduled in age group blocks and will be ran in conjunction with SPBA’s style of play. The days and times of these sessions will be allocated by SPBA.

All players should arrive at training at least 15 minutes prior to training so they are ready to start at their allocated time.

Training is compulsory and the Coach must be notified if you are unable to attend as soon as practical. Coaches spend significant time preparing training sessions based on all players being in attendance and Players are expected to commit to these training. The club will try to avoid other sports on a larger scale but can not work around individual outside commitments in scheduling training. 

Some athletes will be invited for further training as part of our High-Performance Program. For more information on this program, or to apply for High-Performance Training contact Matt Brasser at matt.brasser@sthpen.com.au

Sharks players must continue to participate in the SPBA Domestic Competition to be eligible to play representative basketball; this includes U16s, U18s and U21s. Administration will conduct an audit in February. 

For more information on exemptions including eligibility criteria contact Matt Brasser at matt.brasser@sthpen.com.au.  

The Southern Peninsula Tournament is compulsory for all Southern Peninsula teams additionally, Basketball Victoria Country Championships are also compulsory for first teams.

Teams may attend additional tournaments in consultation with, and only after approval by the SPBA Head of Basketball. Additional tournaments will not be funded by the SPBA and it is the responsibility of the Team Manager to complete the required administration for additional tournaments.


Matches are played on Friday nights ranging from a 6:40 start for the younger age groups through to a 9:40 start for the senior age groups. Venue locations will vary from week to week, however a home game at Dromana Stadium (SPBA’s home court) will typically occur every second week once the Championship season commences. Players are expected to arrive 30 minutes before tip-off.

As part of the Southern Peninsula Basketball Association’s commitment to fostering the growth and development of our athletes, we are excited to announce the High-Performance Athlete Testing, which will be held on the 8th of October 2023. This combine, conducted by Peninsula Sports Performance, offers an unparalleled opportunity for our players to showcase their skills and abilities for all U14 and older Junior Sharks. To participate, there will be a nominal fee of $40 per player included in the registration fee.

Following the combine, each participant will receive a comprehensive and individualised athlete development report. This report will provide valuable insights into each player’s strengths and areas of needed improvement, enabling our VJBL coaches to tailor their coaching strategies to nurture and grow the athletes’ capabilities throughout the year. We believe that this initiative will not only elevate the performance of our athletes but also elevate the overall excellence of our basketball program at Southern Peninsula Basketball Association.

  •   Junior Sharks Tryouts – 12th September – 17th September 2023 
  •    Feedback will be provided to non-successful athletes before Squads are announced 
  •    Squad Announced – 22nd September 2023
  •   Uniform Try Ons – 22nd Sept: 7-9pm
  •   Uniform Try Ons – 27th Sept: 12-3pm
  •   Registration payment due – 29th September 2023
  •   Squad Training Sessions Commence – Week of 3rd October 2023
  •   Age Group Parent Information Sessions – 6th of October 2023 
  •    Peninsula Sports Performance Athlete Combine and Testing (U14 and above) – 8th October 2023 
  •    Individual Development Plans (IDP’s) – Individual development meetings with player and coach
  •    Team Announcements – 25th of October 2023 
  •    Parent Scoring School – 2nd November 2023 *Design Center* 
  •    Inter-club games – 3rd  November 2023 
  •    Southern Peninsula Tournament – 11th & 12th November 2023 
  •    VJBL Grading – From Friday 17th November 2023 onwards 
  •    Training recommences after Summer Break – 30th January 2024 
  •    VJBL Games recommence – 2nd February 2024 
  •   Basketball Victoria Country Championships (1st teams only) – TBC between Feb-April 
  •   Dawn Service – 25th April 2024 
  •   Mid Season Individual Player Development Plans – 26th May 2024
  •   Reconciliation Walk – June 2024 
  •  VJBL Player and Parent Exit Meetings – 8th of September 2024 
  •   End of Season Celebration Night – 15th September 2024 

Junior representative basketball is an elite level competition. It is for players who are committed to developing and improving their basketball skills and knowledge. At Southern Peninsula, we provide individuals and teams the opportunity to maximize their potential by competing at the highest level possible, given their own ability. The aim of the Southern Peninsula Junior Sharks program is to promote the game of basketball within our community and to develop players and coaches alike. 

All players in a team at this level have an important role to play despite how much court time each player may or may not receive. Coaches will want all players to develop steadily, not just the best players on the team. Playing representative basketball is very different to domestic basketball. 

Attitude to your teammates, your coach and your willingness to improve and develop, along with your level of skill are important elements of playing in a representative team. All parents also need to be aware of this. 

The Southern Peninsula Sharks junior teams play other representative teams in a competition across the state. Teams play at two levels: 

Victorian Junior Championship – Known as ‘VC’, this is the highest level at which junior teams can play.

Victorian Junior Leagues – Divided into numbered tiers; VJL 1, VJL 2, VJL 3 and so on. 

Our tournament is coming up on the 11th & 12th November where close to 600 teams will participate across 47 courts in the region. This is one of the largest in the world where over 1,000 games will be played and over 25,000 people will visit our region. This event is solely run by our Association and it is our largest fundraiser. The event is mainly run by volunteers, even our staff volunteer all their time for this event.

In order to make this event a success, the one thing we need from each team is rostered as a duty team at a venue. This means each family will provide someone for about 4 hours across the weekend to volunteer helping at a venue. During this time, the player of that family will also help to do things such as raffle tickets. This venue is the one your child will be playing at (or at a nearby venue that does not clash with your team game times), so you will not miss their games! SPBA cover the $485 entry fee of each team. Teams also find this a good opportunity to bond together as it is in the first few weeks after they are in teams.

This event and the work of these many volunteers is one of the key things that allows us to be one of the cheapest clubs and sports to participate in. Without your help at the tournament, we would not be able to do this, plus much more we are able to do in the community as a result. More information on this will come out when teams are finalised including a duty team roster. Each player/parent would need to do about 4-5 hours.

Further Information

Each team must provide two scorers per game. The Team Manager should prepare a scoring roster with all parents taking turns and ensure that there is a competent scorer placed with a novice scorer. The Association will be running a scoring how to session at the beginning of the season to teach any parents about scoring.

*Note: Where teams have siblings please ensure the parents scoring roster covers both siblings and not just the family. This ensures an even spread of scoring turns.

The Southern Peninsula Basketball Association hosts a “scoring school” for anyone that needs to learn the scoring requirements of representative basketball.

Date: 2nd November 2023

Location: Dromana Stadium

If any issues do arise, it is important that these issues are raised and dealt with at the earliest possible stage. Parents are encouraged to organise a suitable time to meet with coaches to discuss any issues they are experiencing.bMost issues can be resolved through discussion with the Team Manager and/or Coach.

If you are not satisfied with the outcome or response you should direct your inquiry to the Head of Basketball at matt.brasser@sthpen.com.au.

Basketball is intended to be a recreational activity for enjoyment and health. SPBA abide by the Basketball Victoria Code of Conduct which has been developed to give participants an outline of the expectations.  It is intended to assist everyone to obtain the maximum benefit and enjoyment from their involvement in basketball. The full version of these expectations is located on the Southern Peninsula Basketball Association and Basketball Victoria websites.

If you do NOT wish for photographs of your child/children or yourself engaging in Junior Sharks activities to be published through our various media points for public relations purposes, please contact martin.ramos@sthpen.com.au

Possible uses of photographs include but are not limited to; SPBA Basketball, VJBL, Basketball Victoria & Basketball Australia websites, Facebook, Instagram and Local Newspapers.

Representative basketball is considered an elite development program and as such does not operate with the same guidelines as domestic competitions. SPBA expects that players will receive relevant opportunity to develop through reasonable court time during the season. However, equal court time is not guaranteed for any player. It is reasonable to expect no less than 12 minutes per game.   

In consultation with the Head of Basketball, the coach reserves the right to restrict a player’s court time if the player has not met all the training requirements; or for disciplinary reasons.  

Players or parents who are concerned about playing time should initially look to organize a time to discuss the matter with the Coach. Parents or players are not to approach coaches directly after a game in regard to court time. If a parent has a concern about this matter they should make contact with the coach later in the week to organize a suitable time to have a catch up. 

If you do not believe the matter has been resolved or require further information, please contact the Head of Basketball at matt.brasser@sthpen.com.au. 

Note: Coaches are to make themselves available throughout the week to discuss any matters regarding court time or player development with both the parent/s and player.

The Head of Basketball takes overall responsibility for coach appointments and management. Junior Sharks coaches are either qualified or in the process of becoming qualified under the Basketball Australia Accreditation Scheme.

At Southern Peninsula Basketball Association, we place a strong emphasis on providing the best coaching experience for our athletes. To ensure that our coaching standards are at their highest, we will be conducting Coaches Accreditation Courses on the 13th, 20th, and 27th of October. These courses are designed to equip our coaches with a comprehensive understanding of our program’s direction, expectations, style of play, and teaching points. As teams are yet to be announced, we will require one squad from each respective age group to demonstrate various drills, offenses, defences, and general Style of Play for the coach’s development. The times of these sessions will be released once squads have been announced.

By participating in these accreditation courses, our coaches will be better prepared to guide and develop our players, fostering an environment of growth and excellence within our basketball community. They will also be accredited with a Level 2 (Club Coach) accreditation from Basketball Victoria. We value the dedication of our coaches and believe that investing in their skills and knowledge will ultimately contribute to the success of our athletes and the Southern Peninsula Basketball Association as a whole.

A Head Coach will be appointed to each team, some teams may also have an Assistant Coach. All coaches are required to conform with VJBL and SPBA rules, which include the requirement for: 

  • Every VJBL Coach needs to have their Basketball Victoria Club Coach Accreditation 
  • Working with Children (WWC) checks 
  • Statutory Declaration 
  • Training in Child Safety and Health & Safety 

All coaches should strive to improve their knowledge. This is generally undertaken by attending coaching sessions, getting involved in Basketball Victoria events and upgrading qualifications. 

A Team Manager will be appointed as a volunteer and is usually a parent within the team. (WWC is required)

If you are interested in this role, please contact jade.odom@sthpen.com.au.

Google calendar

Throughout the year key dates are listed and will be updated for the VJBL 2023-24 annual calendar, which can be viewed via the link below.


As part of Southern Peninsula’s Vision a targeted objective is to create pathways for talented players, coaches and referees to progress to higher levels.

Working with Basketball Vicotoria, we have a rich history of players and coaches representing Victoria, Australia and playing overseas including College Scholarships.

Tournament Only Teams

Players who are not selected to represent Southern Peninsula in the 2024 VJBL season, may be offered the opportunity to play in a tournament only team. The tournament only teams will compete in tournaments across the year. 

More information around training and tournament dates will be provided to families after the Selection Process. 

permission to train

If you are coming from another VJBL club and require a permission to train slip, please apply through this link.