The SPBA is an affiliated association of Basketball Victoria (BV) and abides by BV’s Policies and Procedures.

The SPBA takes pride in providing programs & facilities which are well administered and benefit the community.

It is accepted and enforced that each individual, player, referee, official, staff member, board member, team or Club that represents our Association or participates in competitions under the SPBA banner shall abide by the policies below.

Domestic Competition Rules

The Southern Peninsula Basketball Association (SPBA) aims to provide opportunities for all those involved in the sport to continuously learn and develop their skills, knowledge and understanding of the game of basketball, thus enhancing and prolonging their enjoyment of the game. The Competition By-Laws and supporting documents aim to offer a fair competition for all participants.


The SPBA is committed to providing a safe environment for all participants in our domestic competitions. This includes players, coaches, parents, spectators, officials and administrators. This policy and associated penalties apply for SPBA domestic competitions only.

  • Participant Behaviour Policy
  • Example Implementation Guide
  • Behavioural Technical Foul Process
  • Behavioural Technical Foul/Ejection Register

The Peninsula Tribunal is a collaborative partnership endorsed by Basketball Victoria connecting the Frankston, Mornington, Chelsea, Southern Peninsula and Western Port Basketball Associations. The tribunal panel is an independent entity managed under Basketball Victoria tribunal By-Laws

  • Peninsula Tribunal Summary


Basketball Victoria CONDITIONS OF ENTRY

This document is designed to be displayed at all stadiums to inform entrants about behavioural standards and requirements.


Basketball Victoria CODES OF CONDUCT

The Codes of Conduct list the expected behaviour in basketball by administrators, coaches, officials, players, parents and spectators.


Basketball Victoria PLAYER INSURANCE

Basketball Victoria provides a level of insurance to all registered members of Affiliated Associations.


Basketball Victoria TRIBUNAL BY-LAWS

These by-laws establish the Tribunal to deal with misbehaviour in basketball.



These by-laws set the obligations for screening persons who work with children and deal with discrimination, harassment and vilification on grounds of gender, race and so on.



These By-laws contain various requirements with respect to pregnancy, first aid equipment and heat policy designed to protect participants.

Basketball Victoria Photo & Video Policy

This policy sets out the conditions under which photographs and video can be taken at basketball games and venues.

More policies from Basketball Victoria can be found HERE.