Sharks News
Posted On February 4, 2021

COVID-19 Restrictions Update

As per the Victorian Government’s announcement yesterday evening, the following is now in place until further notice at all SPBA activities indoors:

  • Masks to be worn by all persons inside facilities, unless exempt
  • Temperature testing machines at both main venues
  • Electronic whistles to again be compulsory for all referees
  • No handshakes or fist bumps
  • Arrive maximum 10mins prior to games or trainings and depart promptly as your game finishes

The below will continue to occur:

  • QR code (only time someone does not need to check in is if they are a player playing in a game)
  • Separate exits and entry points
  • Periodic cleaning

Referee supervisors will be doing periodic cleaning of seating after each game – if asked to move to allow for cleaning, please follow these directions.

Please see the below specific scenarios as well:


  • Masks to be worn before and after games – masks should only be removed when a player is about to step onto the court when the game is to commence and must put their mask back on when the game concludes
  • Maintain social distancing on benches and in huddles


  • Masks to be worn until brisk exercise commences – for most teams this will be until the warm up is completed
  • Masks to be worn when brisk exercise finishes


  • Max. 1 scorer per team for domestic games to allow for social distancing


  • Masks to be worn by all spectators unless exempt
  • Spectators must continue to social distance
  • Only the minimum number of spectators should attend


  • Mask to be worn before and after games. If you are in between games and not leaving your court, you will not need to wear a mask in that two minute gap
  • Electronic whistles to be utilised instead of the manual whistles
  • No handshakes or fist bumps


  • Mask to be worn before and after trainings or games
  • A coach who is not actively communicating, they need to be wearing a mask

If you have any questions, please let me know.