14 Matt Brasser

Current Team
Senior Men

How long have you being playing basketball for?
Started when I was 5 so 23 years

What position do you play?
In between point guard and shooting guard

Have you played anywhere else?
I played at Chelsea for about 5 years and loved my time there, made some life long friends and memories forever

Fav NBA team?
I swap a bit but atm Portland – Dame Time baby

Fav player?
Currently Dame Lillard or Steph Curry but all time fav is Kobe

Fav food?
Probably Tacos or ice cream if that can be counted as food

Pregame routine?
Been playing too long to have a pregame, I just make sure I get my form shots in and a solid 20-25 minute shooting workout in before every game

Why the Sharks?
Because its where I belong!